On being stabbed in the arse.

It has been an odd few days.
I spent a day in Montevideo and two days in Colonia before I was planning to catch the ferry back to Buenos Aires. Uruguay as a country, I loved, and that is saying something seeing as I have spent most of my time there dealing with the ridiculous banking and medical system. Everything else was fantastic.
I had fever during the night in Montevideo, but I felt ok the next day. Then the day after that I could barely get out of bed. I moved from the bed to the hammock to the couch and back to bed. Everything hurt. It was agonising to drink water much less eat. I force myself to anyway, I did not know a single gland in my neck could get so large, it felt like I had grown an Adams apple. I changed my ferry ticket repeatedly and by day three in the morning, I felt a little less “dead” but by no means energetic. It was a momentous effort just to refill my water bottle.
And at night, as I’m lying on the couch trying to finish a bowl of soup and failing, I watch as the whole room in front of me changes from 3D to a moving flat screen picture. I had started hallucinating. At the same time my mind seemed to leave my body, not a full OBE (out of body experience) but as I asked the guy next to me to get the lady at reception, the words were coming from elsewhere, and my mind had gone.
We went to emergency. US$100 just to see the doctor. They asked me questions and told me to take antibiotics. I refuse on the basis that if its not what they think it is, antibiotics will make me worse. I want blood tests.
No, we don’t do blood tests. But we will give you an injection to bring your fever down.
I can take a paracetamol for that I respond.
No that is no good they say.
There is only so much arguing I can do in my condition and I have already paid $100 so I agree to the injection for the fever.
“Aqui!” (here) she says pointing to her arse.
Me: “…Que???…” (what???)

It was the most painful injection I have ever had. My entire right leg and bum was in agony. The pain lasted for 10 minutes. And a day after it is still sore. So now I can add sore arse and a limp to a fever, hallucinations, swollen glands and muscular aches.
Somehow after all this I managed to get up at 4:30 am…a few hours later  to get the morning ferry to BA hallucinating like crazy. I felt like I had taken mushrooms…and no-one wants to get on a crowded ferry on mushrooms. No-one. The floor was like liquid waves and of course this is the only time customs questions me in detail on my business in Argentina.
I make it back to the hostel in BA, still hallucinating at times today but it seems to be calming down.

The worst part of these past five days is that I have realized that I have forgotten to bring a tube of vegemite from Australia.


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