Twist and Tango

A lazy few days here in Buenos Aires. Sunday I spent most of the day at the San Telmo antique markets, soaking up the atmosphere and chatting to locals.




I had my first tango lesson as well. I’ve learnt 8 steps and the twist, and I can say that it is a very precise (and not easy) dance! The teachers were all lovely whether they spoke English or not. The head male teacher was appalled when I told him I could bellydance. Apart from telling me that there was no bellydancing in his classroom ever, he continually teased me about that for the rest of the night, everytime I did something wrong – it was because of bellydancing!
A lot of the guys asked me to dance because they thought I was a Japanese tourist, I had a great time laughing while trying to figure out which way they wanted me to go. It was impossible for me to repeat the eight steps and try to have a conversation in Spanish at the same time.

Lastly I went and changed some American dollars on the infamous blue market. Because of the ridiculous inflation here in Argentina, the banks will buy dollars at the official rate, cambios (exchange places) will buy the same dollars at a lot higher! While I was a bit hesitant at first at giving a large amount of cash to an Argentinean local in a back room, the truth is that they are running a ‘legit’ business in a corrupt system. They count it out in front of you under special lights so you can see the watermarks on each note. Unfortunately they do not have bills larger than 100 pesos, so my friend who changed nearly US$400 had a thick wad of bills to carry around. I photographed his ridiculous amount when we got back to the hostel.


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