The plane dropped me back in Mosman, which meant I either had to get the slow bus back from here, or go back to the city to get the express. It was nearly 3pm and traffic would become bad…but I was nearly home.
I don’t remember what tipped me off to the fact that I was dreaming but suddenly I sat down on the floor, devastated.
The big dog, called Hyena approached.
“This isn’t real” I told him, “its just a dream”.
“Does this make it real?” He asked as he took my hand in his mouth and bit down hard.
Pain shot up through my arm. “Stop!”
He let go and began to lick me on the face. I could feel his cold, wet tongue on my cheek.
“What is reality anyway?” Hyena asked.


After this dream, Hyena found me when I was walking by myself in the canyon. He stayed with me all the way to the mirador and protected me from another dog before he vanished over the cliff.


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