Rapa Nui: The Birdman Cult

“Would you like to hear a story?” He asked

I nodded, even though in the back of my mind I wondered if he would ask me for money after.

“The strongest boy from each region was selected to swim out to that island and climb up, get a bird egg then swim back without breaking it. The winner would be proclaimed the birdman and go and live in a special cave for a year with a virgin girl, who had never seen the sun so her skin was as white as snow. Only priests were allowed to see them until the next year when a new winner would emerge.”


He stopped to yell at two Japanese girls who were taking a selfie off the path by the edge of the cliff, not caring about the sheer drop beneath.

“These people, always taking photos. What good are photos if you fall? There’s no doctors here, you have to wait several hours for a doctor from Santiago.”

He sighed a little.
“Most people wouldn’t sit down and listen to my story. They think I’m going to ask them for money. What do I want with their money? I have a job…”







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