Churches in Pasto

“There’s one church here”, said my friend, “with only 15 very old nuns…no one ever sees their face.”

“They don’t recruit new nuns?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“There’s something funny about this place,
I was able to enter once because one of the nuns was very sick and my Mum was called to help her. While I was waiting there was a very large dog inside and I felt scared and began praying. The dog became aggressive and tried to bite me…

While my Mum was trying to help the sick nun, there was another nun who kept watching us. My mother asked her to leave so she could work, the nun left saying, “don’t believe anything she says.”

The sick nun kept crying, I don’t think it was from the pain of her sickness but something else…she kept trying to talk to us, to tell us something. When my mother was finished, the sick nun pleaded, please don’t leave me, take me with you…”





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