Pets on Windy: The Ducks

There were three at the start, two males and one female.

The males disappeared for a while but the female kept coming back, numerous times a day demanding more food.


Then we didn’t see her for a week.
The guys had seen a seal attacking and eating a bird and was sure it was her.

Then she proudly showed up again with 11 ducklings in tow…


We rigged up a baking tray to feed the ducklings oats.



We had to rescue two of the ducklings.

One got his leg stuck in a mussel and another got separated from Mother duck when the tide rose and he got stuck behind a ledge.
With the use of a quacking ringtone on a phone, we called the little duckling to the side of the ledge, lowered the baking tray (which he happily climbed into as he did at feeding time) then rose it over the ledge and down again on the other side where Mother duck was waiting.
We stumbled on their nest by accident, far away from where the ship was. Mother duck recognised us and let us get very close.


Out of the 11, only 3 ducklings survived.


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