The Adventures of Captain Man-Child and his traumatised Cat: Captains back.

10th-13th November

I confess that the day before the Captain returned, I vacuumed the ship longer than usual, because I secretly enjoyed the cat hiding.
It also nice to hear something other than crying for 20 mins.

He brought back (real) chocolate from Germany which I am very happy about.


In comparison to the first week he’s latched onto me, the first three days he’s barely spoken three sentences to me. I keep asking him questions, but he never responds. When Sue brings her stuff down to the ship, he talks to her in German and says more to her in three minutes than he’s said to me in days. It is frustrating and I don’t understand what is going on.

Then the next morning at breakfast, he explodes.
He is angry at me for a number of things, but has not communicated it until now.
For example: I asked him from the beginning what time should I set my alarm to be up each morning by?
He responded: don’t worry about setting your alarm just wake up when you naturally do.
I naturally wake up at 9 or 10, so each morning he’s gotten angrier and angrier, because he actually wants me to be awake at 8.

The morning he left, then told me later he didn’t want to wake me up: “Why weren’t you awake when I left?”
Me: “you didn’t tell me what time you were leaving and why didn’t you wake me up if you needed to?”
Him: “I didn’t want to wake you up”
Me: “so….you didn’t want to wake me up, but you want me to wake up for you, but you don’t communicate this or what time you are leaving?”

This is why the Man-Child can’t keep a girlfriend.

So I’m off the ship.
Sue decided to stay on, he does actually speak German to her, and a Russian girl is taking my place.

I sincerely hope that they are ok: neither of them have been on a ship before so if something happens they don’t know what to do.

Another thing that Sue told me (because the Man-Child told her) that I never knew: apparently the cat is sick and dying. She’s had problems for a while and it wouldn’t be surprising if she doesn’t survive the journey.

Kinda something important to know about if I’m taking care of the cat for three weeks is it not?!

So I now fly down to Patagonia and look for another ship. I suppose I will see them down there and hear about how their journey was…


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