Closed restaurant

Puertas cerradas, closed door restaurants, are private unlicensed places to eat in Buenos Aires. They are only open on certain nights, take few guests and from the front look like abandoned buildings. Only found through word of month or the internet, I made a reservation at Paladar. They emailed me the address and we arrived to what looked like an empty house.

Upstairs however, there were four other people seated in a dimly lit living room.

Calamari filled with hummus and zaatar


Morcilla (blood sausage) with spinach, peas, beans and grapefruit dressing. Served with a sauvignon blanc.


Tender pork ribs with pineapple, mango and chile sauce, sides of pears, ginger rice and sweet potato chips with a spicy sauce. Served with a cabernet sauvignon.


Pre-desert (to cleanse the palate):
Carrot and ginger ice-cream


Lavander pannacotta with red fruits, pistachios and mint syrup.


Every bite was fantastic. The dessert was my favourite. I can highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Buenos Aires. Well worth blowing my super cheap backpacker budget for (it is not expensive for normal travellers).


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