Street Portrait


Job and myself were walking down a street in Nicaragua, with the beach as our destination.

“Can you take a photo of us?” The kids asked shyly (in Spanish).

“Uno…dos…tres!” I snapped a quick shot.

I showed the children the photo on the screen, they smiled slowly, then as they saw the dog had photobombed their picture , squealed with laugher and ran to hit him playfully on the head.



Aguaita: our mountain guide dog

She checked every possible path in the Colca Canyon, ran ahead and ran back to make sure we were walking and waited patiently while we took a break until it was time to go and then stood up looking at us expectantly. Refused to eat the food offered until we reached our destination in the evening. She preferred Anna over me, she was a faster walker, snuck her into the hotel room and spoilt her with bits of cheese.